Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons Committee Chairs

Bylaws Committee
Chair:  Alfred Antonetti, MD 
Technology Committee
Chair:  Thomas Wiener, MD
Program Committee
Chair: Herb Nassour, III, MD, FASC, PA

TMA Delegate & ISC Representative
(2 yr. term)
Susan Pike, MD - delegate
Tripp Parker, MD - alternate

Nominating Committee
Chair:  Jeff Fearon, MD
Chet Nastala, MD 
Jim Boynton, MD 
Trip Parker, III, MD 
Rep. For Council of St. Societies
(2 yr. term)
Donald Collins, Jr., MD
Membership Committee
Chair: Luis Rios, MD
Texas Carrier Advisory Committee
(3 yr. term)
Pat Pownell, MD - delegate
Fred Duffy, MD - alternate
Public Information Committee
Chair:  Jesse Selber, MD 
Young Plastic Surgeons Committee
Chair:  Billy Antonetti, MD
Elizabeth Stirling Craig, MD

Patrick Garvey, MD
Danielle LeBlanc, MD
John McFate, MD

Thornwell Parker, III, MD
Kendal Roehl, MD

Awards Committee
Chair:  Michael Baumholtz, MD

Texas Legends Committee
Chair:  Donald Parks, MD 
Ben Cohen, MD
Bill Gorman, MD 
Harlan Pollock, MD 

Public Policy Committee
Chair:  James Cullington, MD