What does TSPS Advocacy Team do for you and your practice?
• Monitor legislative and regulatory proposals, advising TSPS, through its Legislative Committee, Executive Council and Executive Director, of any proposals that may have a direct or indirect effect on the profession and livelihood ofTSPS members. 
• Recommend positions on legislation and/or regulatory proposals.
• Actively assist the TSPS Legislative Committee and Executive Council in development of necessary legislative and regulatory strategy. 
• Represent TSPS in front of the Texas Legislature, the Governor’s Office and those regulatory agencies, such as the Texas Medical Board, that can directly or indirectly effect any change to the scope of practice and any other aspect of the profession and livelihood of TSPS members. 
• Assist the Legislative Committee in composing position statements and written or oral testimony in response to any proposed legislation or regulation.
• Report to the TSPS Executive Council and membership, in person and/or in writing, regarding regulatory and legislative activities.

We Need Your Support
Advocating for your practice and patients requires money and lobbying efforts. Contributions to the TSPS Advocacy Support go directly to fund TSPS Advocacy efforts.
The contributions do not go to any political campaigns or candidate of any type, for any office.

Print donation form and mail in contribution.

Since your contribution will go 100% to TSPS lobbying efforts, the contribution is not a deductible donation.